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Hello! :D

I'm Mas Gading. People on the Internet know me as loominatrx.
I'm a teenager, a Roblox game developer, also a gamer. I do some Lua(u) and Javascript programming (I'm no expert at both of them), and also I do UI Design on Roblox & Figma (kinda experienced, but bad at picking colors).

Murder Mystery-style UI

This one is made back in 2020, where I was about to make a murder mystery game, but got cancelled due to me got demotivated every time. The icons are created by myself, meaning I don't stole them straight from the Internet. If you want me to sell this UI because it looks so cool, well... I did! Check out my marketplace if you want to buy this. Please note that I don't include a script in the UI so you can have your freedom while making your game.

Moderation Panel (UI)

I made this UI back when I am trying to make a moderation UI that you can use to punish people with cool-looking user experience that you'll never get bored of. Sadly, I do not release this to the public (as for now) due to the outdated script that it has, but soon, I will release it (on my marketplace of course, because I need money lol).

Server Discovery

This is a recreation of the Roblox's server listing, except you can make your own server with custom max players, custom server name, custom server code so your friends can join you using the provided code! This also prevents content creators from being stream-sniped. Also, this once again, is not released to the public because I already sold this to the RoDevs marketplace. If you really want this so bad, just wait for it to be released on my marketplace.

IndiHome Paket Phoenix

A meme game that is based on Indonesia's meme that goes international out of nowhere, IndiHome Paket Phoenix. Apparently it's broken because of Roblox's Private Audio update. Might fix it later on, if I have time.


A UI-based game that is created out of boredom, but turned out to be cool creation. Expect some bugs while playing this game, since I don't maintain this game anymore.

Q: What makes you interested on developing stuff?
A: Long-story-short, back in 2017, I was interested on making games on Roblox Studio, because I thought that would be cool to make something on my own. I do lots of experiments on Studio like there's no tomorrow, then I slowly got interested on app/game development in general.
Q: Why did you start developing?
A: Because it's fun! I spent most of my spare time on coding!
Q: Why do you play Roblox, and making games on there?
A: Because Roblox is so fun to play (until they ruined their platform), and I got many friends on there. I develop on Roblox because it's easy to learn! If you're new to Roblox Studio, you can make cool things on there too!
Q: Why did you stop making stuff on roblox?
A: Because, well, if you think about it, developers (including me) have their own life too, not just making games / software. I also have to deal with school, which made me stop developing for the time being.
Q: How do you stay motivated on developing?
A: This depends on you, really. Find what's best for you. I personally touch grass, go outside & find a great view, browsing on DevForum, watching interesting coding-related videos on YouTube. That's it, I think.
Q: How do you deal with boredom while developing and/or designing UI?
A: Remember, coding and designing is always boring, no matter how hard you tried.
Q: Where are you from? and Where do you live?
A: I'm from Indonesia, living in Surabaya.
Q: How old are you?
A: Don't want to explicitly say my age here, but I'm a teenager.
Q: Do you make YouTube videos?
A: Well, I do (kinda), but still need ideas for contents in the future. You can check it out here, if you want.
Q: Do you have GitHub?
A: I do! It's kinda messy, but you can check it out here
Q: dO yOu PlAy OsU?1?1!!
A: yes.


I'm glad that you're going to buy my service, but I'm not open for commission right now. Sorry :(